• Physical Security

    Physical Security

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A ‘one size fits all’ approach to security fails to take account of organizations strengths, weaknesses and specific circumstances. What makes sense for the long-term prosperity of one company may not be appropriate in the short term for another. But, well-informed decisions made early on, will prioritize and focus resources accordingly.

The provision of physical security products or services can range from vehicle borne explosive device mitigation, to the provision of Close Protection Officers within hostile environments. What does not change in each occasion is the need to conduct a detailed assessment. Any physical security measure recommended by GRAY FOX GROUP personnel will not only be taking into consideration the client’s needs, but also our company’s wealth of experience deploying and utilizing such capabilities.

Our specialist capability areas include:

  • Personnel and Asset Security
  • Secure Embassy Distribution Solutions
  • Monitoring & Tracking Solutions
  • Technical Security Counter Measures
  • Covert Surveillance & Investigations
  • Maritime Security
  • Training Services