Rapid developments in technology and the ever changing face of security issues pose challenges for the future national security of nations worldwide.

Gray Fox Group capabilities reside within the Critical National Infrastructure Protection (CNIP) paradigm. Intelligent Transport Systems, Safe Cities, Border Systems, Major Event Safety & Security, Pipeline Protection, Engineering, Consultancy & Training, Port & Maritime Security, Incident Management & Response, Operations & Maintenance all these areas of our domain expertise have important roles to play in the protection of a nation’s key assets and infrastructures.

GRAY FOX GROUP intelligence services use these capabilities to design, build, upgrade, operate and maintain advanced-technology systems and services. Thus preventing physical and cyber disruptions to key nodes in increasingly interconnected critical infrastructures such as oil and gas facilities, air, land and sea transportation hubs and government infrastructures.

Our wide array of intelligence services and products include but are not limited too:

  • Behavioral Patterns Collation, Data Mining, Spectrum Analysis
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Covert Counter and Anti Surveillance Services
  • Global Tracking Solutions
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Access Control
  • Data Forensics Services
  • Security Audits and Reviews
  • Command & Control Centre Solutions
  • Bespoke Managed Solutions.